Camp David

Camp David is a week of adventure, discovery and fun, designed specifically for pediatric burn survivors aged 7 to 16. Camp David is unique among burn camps because it also includes siblings and children of burn survivors, whose lives are also severely impacted by burn injury.

At Camp David, children learn the core spiritual values which enhance the ability to survive injury and gain the self confidence, self-esteem and coping skills that will allow them to re-enter and function happily in society. Surrounded by caring mentors, volunteers of the Texas Burn Survivor Society, and the incredible men and women of the San Antonio,  Austin, and Kerrville Fire Departments.  Camp David allows the children to discover that anything is possible. Here, potential has no limit.

Mosaic Table Project

TBSS has a longstanding relationship with the patients and staff   on the Burn Unit at Brooke Army Medical Center. While much of our work involves providing emergency assistance for burn survivors and their families, we have also discovered another area of need. Most civilian patients are able to return to their home in the area post-discharge, and then return to the hospital for follow-up care as needed.

However, our wounded warriors are seldom able to return to their hometowns, but remain in San Antonio to endure the long physical rehabilitation process. After their therapy sessions are complete for the day, the survivors are left with several hours during which they have no structured activities.

One project initiated by TBSS is providing these men and women with the materials, instructions, and assistance in designing and creating unique and useful furniture items, such as mosaic tables. The process of creating the design of the table, working with loved ones to set the mosaic tiles, and realizing a finished product provides a great sense of purpose and accomplishment. Many times people who are burned receive severe burns to their hands and arms. This project helps in improving their dexterity.

Assistance for Warriors in Transition

As a result of the long-standing relationship between TBSS and the pastoral care staff at Brooke Army Medical Center, we partner with them to minister to Warriors in Transition, their spouses and families. Through providing general assistance, caring support, and family retreats, TBSS honors these brave men and women.

Many of these warriors who are burn survivors are discharged from the hospital, but must remain close by while they endure a long physical rehabilitation process. TBSS provides these survivors with materials, instruction and assistance in designing and creating useful furniture items, such as mosaic tables. This project serves as a productive and much-needed distraction from the arduous and painful process of rehabilitation. TBSS also subsidizes the purchase of washers and dryers necessary to help these returning warriors comply with requirements for daily washing of the burn garments that are essential to manage scar healing.

Life Program

The Leaders in Fire Education (L.I.F.E.) Program is an innovative and unique fire injury and burn prevention program.  The overall goal of L.I.F.E. is to provide fire, safety, and wellness education programs for the prevention of death, injury, and property loss caused by fire and unintentional injury. Burns are the leading cause of injury to children under age 16 in San Antonio. For over three years, Texas Burn Survivor Society has successfully partnered with the San Antonio Fire Department, Leon Valley Fire Department and Bexar County District 2 in the development and early implementation stages of a master-educator designed curriculum to the elementary school students of San Antonio/Bexar County

Basil Pruitt Assistance

The Basil Pruitt Program provides emergency financial assistance to patients and their families at burn units in Texas. In times of devastating need, TBSS assistance helps victims who have no other sources of aid available to obtain food, shelter and emergency transportation.

Scar Management

In conjunction with Medical Z, TBSS underwrites the cost of physician-prescribed pressure garments for burn survivors who could not otherwise afford to fill their garment prescriptions.   These costly, custom-made elasticized garments are used for reduction of scarring.  Scar management is, for some survivors, essential to a successful return to society.

TBSS Support Group

This monthly group provides burn survivors the opportunity to share their stores with each other.  Realizing others have had similar experiences empowers, consoles, and encourages fellow burn survivors.

TBSS Scholarship

The TBSS Scholarship offers burn survivors assistance in obtaining vocational training that will provide them with skills to lead a productive life.